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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 00:00

FOTsis launches its first Field Operational Tests, February 2013


During the last six months, FOTsis has surely and steadily progressed in the main objectives of the project. Concerning the test sites’ configuration and services’ deployment, FOTsis is following a gradual approach. Each service is going to be tested on two test sites, and two services are going to be tested on each test site. So, in order to ensure an smooth as possible deployment, each FOTsis service is being deployed firstly in one of the test sites where it will be finally tested.

During February 2013, services S1 and S2 have been deployed at the Spanish M-12 Toll Road Test Site. These two services are devoted to improve safety: S1 Emergency Management and S2 Incident Management.  Several vehicles have been equipped with nomadic devices and have started receiving the information provided by the infrastructure through FOTsis cooperative services.