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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 00:00

FOTsis renews FOT-Net’s Associated Partnership agreement


During the first months of the project, FOTsis become a FOT-Net associated partner by signing a letter of intent on 26th May 2011. As a FOT-Net Associated Partner, FOTsis commits itself to provide contributions to the accomplishment of FOT-Net's objectives thought a series of activities: updating FOT-Net Wiki catalogue; communicating with the FOT-Net Advisory Group in order to fine tune FOTs methodologies, deployment, execution and analysis; attending & participating in stakeholders meetings and in other events organised by FOT-Net; informing FOT-Net partners and other stakeholders via FOT-Net newsletter and FOT-Net Portal.

Folllowing the change on coordination, Federico García-Linares, FOTsis Project Coordinator, has renewed FOTsis Associated Partnership by signing the Letter of Intent last on 20th February 2013.