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Monday, 02 February 2015 00:00

FOTsis has successfully concluded its FOTs

The FOTsis project has successfully concluded its Field Operational Tests. The execution stage in FOTsis included both large-scale FOTs (LFOTs) and detailed FOTs (DFOTs).

LFOTs are naturalistic studies insofar that they seek to investigate the everyday use of a set of devices and different functions. The studies concern conditions in which the participants receive, use and react to functions and services provided to them and data is be collected over a longer period of time from a larger number of participants. DFOTs are also experiments in the sense that tests are undertaken in order to gain a better evidence-based understanding of the to questions and hypotheses posed concerning the benefits of different cooperative services for safety and mobility.At the same time, , DFOTs are run in more controlled environments than LFOTs insofar that participants can be asked to drive certain routes and under certain conditions instead of driving under normal conditions. Additionally, less vehicles and participants are involved in DFOTs, but the vehicles are equipped with more equipment to allow the collection of more data than in LFOTs.

The fact that FOTsis had to test 7 different services in 9 different test-sites with hundreds of users and with different approaches to testing (LFOT vs. DFOT), etc., was a challenge for the project that required detailed preparation, piloting and different phases of previous assessment before the actual data would start being collected from the tests.

The figure below represents the different stages developed during FOTsis FOTs. The main activities were: FOTsis preparation, FOTsis Pilots, technical assessment of the FOTs, full limited tests of services and full FOTs.


Figure 1: FOTsis FOTs General Planning

FOTsis FOTs Planning












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