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FOTsis, the most innovating project in road transportation technologies

The FOTsis Project has been awarded by the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), a not-for-profit global collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure...


FOTsis holds its final event in Madrid

The FOTsis project organised its final meeting on 27th and 28th April in Madrid, Spain. More than 80 stakeholders attended...

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Emergency Management

The infrastructure centred e-Call service represents a step forward for services involving information generated from the vehicle.

In FOTsis, the emergency system comprises two possible scenarios 1) one where the call originates from the vehicle and 2) the call is made by the infrastructure.

In the first case scenario, the vehicle involved in an accident communicates directly with the PSAP. From here, a further information request is sent to the infrastructure’s control centre. The infrastructure would then answer by sending a MSD back to the PSAP with valuable and additional data fields, which are included in the message.

In the second scenario, the incident (accident) is detected via the infrastructure’s own systems (AID, CCTV, etc.) and the call is triggered. This means, that the call is not made from any vehicle but from the infrastructure itself. As the accident location is detected, the publishing tool carries out the collected data on to the ITS equipment which will then be disseminated to the road users.

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